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Things to know

We are a very social club but that doesn’t mean we want to lose. Training is a very important part of that.

Official training kicks off in January (see calendar for dates). Training is important but if you cannot make a specific training session for your team please let your captain or coach know. You can usually hop on the boat with one of our other teams. There are opportunities to train prior to this – just contact us for more information.

What to wear

  • Clothing that dries quickly / wicks moisture away is ideal. Thermals or polypropylene are great. Short sleeved wetsuits are also good, especially if it is cold.
  • Light wind jacket if it is cold or windy or rainy
  • Wear shorts. Some paddlers prefer cycling shorts or exercise leggings
  • Footwear with some grip help to get in and out of the boat without incident. These can be old running shoes or water shoes. Remember they will get wet.
  • Sunglasses – the kind you don’t mind losing in the water ($2 shop is a great choice). You need sunglasses even if there is no sun as the salt water stings when it gets in your eyes.
  • Paddling gloves if you want but they are not essential or needed by everyone.

What NOT to wear

  • No jewellery, especially rings or earrings as they could cause injuries or you could lose them.
  • No track pants or jeans are not allowed

What to bring

  • Bring a towel and a change of clothes, especially if you are getting a ride in someone else’s car.
  • A great attitude, our sweeps coaches and helpers are all volunteering their time.
  • An awesome team spirit, at the end of the day Dragonboating is a team sport and training with your team is a great way to get to know them.

Where to go

All training is held in Wellington Harbour or in Whairepo Lagoon on rough days. The boats are launched near the fountain at the Te Papa end of Frank Kitts Park.

When to go

Training sessions TBC for 2023*
Force: Mondays from 5:30–7pm
Hutt Valley Heat: Tuesdays from 5:30–7pm
TBC: Tuesday from 5:30–7pm
Green Machine: Wednesdays from 5:30–7pm
Silver Dragons: Thursdays from 5:30–7pm
Training season for the Festival usually starts mid-January and goes to Festival Day, usually in March.

How to paddle

Our coaches will teach you how to paddle and for those more experienced will help you improve your stroke.
A nice summary of basic paddling technique and training can be found on the Aoraki Dragons website.